Riskee And The Ridicule – BANGER
by on December 20, 2016 in Video

This is a brand new track BANGER from our upcoming album BLAME CULTURE released on the 6th Jan 2017! It is the third single from our upcoming album after HIPSTER and PARTY released earlier this year. If you’ve been to our last few gigs in Camden, Somerset and around Kent you’ll have heard it as part of our set.

Talking in an interview to Punktastic.com the boys revealed more about the track: “‘Banger’” is a single that Jimbo and I pretty much made up on the spot in a friends studio,” says vocalist, Scott Picking. “We showed Matt and Dave and they were hooked on it straight away. We then crafted the verses around the vocal adding the stops and starts allowing the lyrics to breathe. The message is about people’s different perceptions. People see things in totally different ways from one another, sometimes they take their own perceptions of reality as fact but you need to break that mind set. Learning constantly and being willing to change is what is going to set this generation apart from our predecessors. People are angry. People are waking up.”

We’ve had a great year in 2016, supporting The King Blues, The Skints and playing lots of amazing festivals like the Undercover Festival, Blissfields Festival and City Sound Project to name a few and we cannot wait for 2017 and the launch of the new album BLAME CULTURE on the 6th Jan 2017.

In the meantime why not check out our current album Dawn Of The Dog as a little warm up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon and we’ll see you soon.

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